POWER for German WW2 radios

I have designed a very good power for the German radios with 2 Volt and 90 Volt voltage.
There are a number of radios that take this voltage. It produces no audible EMC noise.
The input voltage is 12 Volt DC.

The power is mounted in a small wooden box from Ikea.

Testing the power for the first time.

The components are mounted on an aluminum plate. On this there
are small circuit boards where I have mounted the components.

I use small transformers that are intended for
mains power. 115 volts in and 2x12V out.

The upper part is 90 volt power and the lower part is 2 volt power.

The upper part consists of a 400 Hz oscillator with two outputs.
The signal on these is opposite to each other.
These signals control two mosfet transistors.
Two transformers are connected to the transistors.
The output of the transformer is rectified and gives approx. 150 volts DC.
This voltage is regulated in a zener diode and mosfet.
A coil and capacitor form a low-pass filter.

The lower part of the power shows the 2 volt part.
This can be adjusted to other voltages if required.
A standard circuit is used here which switches on approx. 57 kHz.
There is therefore an input and output filter.


This is a power I have used in my collection for
many years. Have produced many of these.

Drawing klick here