Empfängerprüfer Torn.Fu.d2


This is test equipment for Torn.Fu.d2 transceiver.
Do not have documentation for it, so I know little about it.
Is interested in schematic and any details about it.
The mechanical design is amazing good.
EMC gaskets are used in a very good way.

Test set is mounted in a solid box with lock.

Power from the battery is connected here.

On the box there is connectivity for audio, antenna and power for Torn.Fu.d2.

Audio connector has a great mechanical solution.

Måleinstrument for å sjekke ytelsen på testobjektet. Trykknapp for modulasjon test

Having removed the top cover.

EMC is designed in this box one of the best I've seen.

Each box has its own EMC shielding.
Amazing and compact design.
View RF filters that have five chambers that are shielded.
Extremely compact design.

Here are the inner boxes EMC gaskets.
The tubes are SD1A

On the underside, the filter circuits placed.
Molded room for each filter.
An EMC gasket shielding each room.

Cover top and bottom.

And here is the amazing EMC gaskets. Aluminium plate with rubber.
At the top there is an aluminum foil acting as EMC shilding.
Great to see this on WW2 equipment. I work with design of EMC
shilded equipment and I am impressed with the design here.

Instructions on how to use the equipment.

Here is Empfängerprüfer mounted on Torn.Fu.d2.
It plugs directly into the power and headphone jack.
The engineers have done everything that it should be easy for users.
The instructions fall straight down so that the user will see it.

Empfängerprüfer is designed for field repair of Torn.Fu.d2.
The rugedized design makes it usable for field repairs Torn.Fu.d2.