ZS 68772, LORENZ


This is a fantastic fine test box for 800 Watt FK WS ship transmitter.
It is used for calibration of the transmitter's frequency.

Wonderful wonderful mechanical design.
Look at the details of hand grip.

This is the connector that plugs into the transmitter.
It runs on 12VDC and 150VDC.
The thick pin is the signal from the transmitter into the test box.

The bottom of the test box.
Here is the headphone jack.

The cap on the end hides tube RV12P4000.
It is also a frequency calibration capacitor.

Here is the tube pulled out.

Here is the cover removed. Great built.

(1) - RV12P4000
(12) - headphone output connector.
(11) - headphone transformer.
(13) - connector for FKWS 800W transmitter.

Input is the thick pin in connector (13)
The signal from the transmitter comes at this pin.
This signal is mixed together with an overtone from the crystal.
A beat signal will sound the earphone.
The transmitter is calibrated by being set to zero beat.

The voltage across the crystal is 150V 500KHz.

Ihave turned on for the first time.
Everything works perfectly.
I adds a signal from an oscillator at 4500kHz.
I varies frekvansen up and down 1kHz.
Can hear the beat tone in the earphone.
Frequency is fantastic exactly after 70 years of storage.
Only 8Hz too high.