Here is my HELL schreiber station. The transceiver is a 15W.S.E.b.
This is specifically designed for HELL schreiber.
It's amazing fun to use this old equipment.

I have had a QSO with HA9HAF9A which is an amateur station in the Hungarian Army.
The signals were weak. This image shows the PC screen. I used a FT100 and Ham Radio Delux. .

This is the same station received with 15W.S.E.b and a HELL schreiber.
It is shown in the picture above. Fantastic achievement. The station was very weak.

Feld HELL schreiber no. 1.

On this page I will present my two HELL printers.
More text coming later ...

First test with two machines and communication through phones.

Feld HELL schreiber no. 2.

Some pictures after I got this device.
Before I begin with the restoration.

Dust and old ink are left on the machine.

There is still one of the original paper tapes in the drawer.

The label on the electronic device.

The label on the engine.

Some pictures from the electronics device.
I had to open this to replace some capacitors.

Look at the nice assembly of cables and components.

Top plate with tube holders.

The passive components of the electronic device is mounted on a separate plate. .

Frank M.G. Dörenberg, N4SPP describes on its amazing Hell page and Hell books the
need for calibration of the oscillator and the audio filter. I read in his books when I do this.

The capacitor of the LC oscillator has too high value.
Oscillator has a frequency of 780 Hz. I have used hot air to
disassemble the old capacitor. The new condenser is inserted
into the tube and glued with melting glue.

The finished capacitor gives a frequency of 900 Hz.
You can not see that this is modified.

Here the new capacitor is mounted in HELL schreiber no. 1.

Here the new capacitor is mounted in HELL schreiber no. 2.

The capacitor in the audio filter in HELL schreiber No. 2.
had too high value. Replace with a new capacitor.

The capasitor mounted back in HELL schreiber No. 2