Torn.Fu.b1 Remote Control


Fernbesprechzusatz f "is a system for Using the Torn.Fu.b1 from a remote position up to 100 meters away.

The remote control is placed in a solid metal case that can withstand tough field use.

Ruggedised design that can withstand tough field use.

Here is the complete set.

Cable reel with 100 feet of cable.
Telephone handset special designed for use with a helmet.
Connection box for connection to the transceiver.

Have taken here of the cable from the drum.
The cable is quite stiff and hard.
I will try to put it in Vaseline oil to make it soft.
If that does not work the cable must be replaced.

Cable reel , Telephone handset aand Connection box .

Local unit that connects to the radio.

Cable drum without cable.

Cable drum is here dismantled.

Photo from inside the cable drum.

Photo from inside the local unit.