SGLE 0,3/5

This is a power for the Lo40K39 transmitter.

Modulation are A1 – normal CW,
A2 – tonend CW and AM modulation.
Input for CW key and microphone.

Made by Lorenz

Inside the power.

Here is the modulator with a RV12P2000.

The modulator is here removed from power.

"13" is the modulator tube RV12P2000

Connection terminals.

This power is larger and heavier than the usual.
Width = 650mm
Depth = 255mm
Height = 230mm
Weight = 38kg

The Danish Lo40K39

LO40K was rebuilt in Denmark after the war.
It was equipped with an AM modulator and XTAL oscillator.

LO40K used here on AM. The receiver is a LO6K39a.
My ENG mixer used as a microphone amplifier.
To get the perfect sound I use a condenser microphone with 48 volt phantom power.

Lo150 FK 41s

LO 150 FK 41s is a special version of the transmitter L040K39 used for automatic weather stations.
This weather stations vas placed out in the Arctic region. The transmitter was mounted in metal tubes
with same diameter as torpedoes. The weather station was placed out by a submarine.

LO150FK41 shall have a RL12P35 OSCILLATOR AND 2x RS391 in PA.
This LO150FK41s transmitter have RL12P35 in PA.
REV. 5342 stamped on the transmitter.

The antenna tuner was operated by a motor.


This is a HF transmitter developed by Lorenz in 1936, and was used by Kriegsmarine and Wehrmacht.
Lo40K39d consist of transmitter type S. 23725/I and power supply type RGLE 0.2/2 bno

Frequency range is from 3.0 MHz to 16.667 MHz.
Range 1: 16.667 MHz to 9.200 MHz
Range 2: 9.300 MHz to 5.000 MHz
Range 3: 5.200 MHz to 3.000 MHz

Oscillator tube is RL 12 P 35.
Output amplifier has 2 parallel RL 12 P 35.

Output power is 70 Watt.

Modulation: Telegrafie tonlos.

Weight transmitter: 35.4 kg
Weight power: 38.5 kg
Total Weight: 73.9 kg

Artikkel fra OZ om Lo40k39, mars 2004.

Behind the front panel of the transmitter.

From left: Antenna tuner, power amplifier and oscillator.

Underside of S. 23725/I

Oscillator with a RL12P35 tube.

The frequency is determined by a variometer.

Power amplifier with two RL12P35 and a variometer.

Power amplifier with RL12P35, variometer and the band selector.

Antenna tuner with the adjustable coil.

Antenna tuner, coil and variometer.