80 Watt transmitter

The 80 W.S.a was developed out of a need to increase the range of the panzer division's medium wave command network. The Wehrmacht was disappointed with the range of the FU8SE30 and found that units operating at some distance from the HQ of the division lost communication. This was a particular problem for the armoured reconnaissance units which could operate up to 100 Km ahead of the main force. They had to be equipped with the Long Wave 100 W.S. which meant that a relay was required between the reconnaissance and the armoured units. This problem must have increased even more in the African and Russian campaigns were distances were even larger.

So how the increase the power of an existing transmitter? The easiest way was to increase the anode voltage, in case of the 80 W.S.a to some 800 Volts. This required better insulation and larger air gaps than were available in the 30 W.S.a, so as a result the height of the transmitter was increased somewhat and a larger power supply connection (with larger distances between pins) was installed. They also changed the method for generating the negative supply voltage (-300V), but other than that the 80 W.S.a was pretty much identical to the 30 W.S.a. This means no significant retraining of operators was required.

So you will find the 80 W.S.a in reconnaissance vehicles such as the Puma, the Lynx and the Sd.Kfz.250. It was also used in higher units command vehicles, such as the "Kommandofunkwagen". It could also be found in soft skin communications vehicles such a the Kfz 17.


80W.S.a is almost identical to 30W.S.a
Only 10/80 Watt switch has come in addition.
The height is also slightly larger.

Inside is almost identical to 30W.S.a
A smaller frequency calibration tube is selected here.


Antenna tuner, frequency calibrator and AM modulator.


80W.S.a ham made power.

Has started to connect the transmitter.