I work a lot with the design of speakers systems.
Here I will show some of my dipole speakers.

Here's a big set-up of some stunningly good dipoles.
The sound of the speakers is controlled by DSPs.
Each speaker is measured with a measuring microphone and calibrated.
The DSPs also contain the 48dB Linkwitz-Riley crossover.
With this filter and correct delay, all speakers will play fully in phase.
The result is absolutely fantastic.

The round speaker is a Visaton B200.
To this there is a Visaton sub with 12 "and 10" to the right of the B200.
The crossover frequency is 300 Hz with a 48 dB Linkwitz-Riley crossover.
The B200 provides a great vocal sound reproduction even at high volume.

The left speaker is a three way system.
Treble and midrange is a Seas H1699.
Bass is two Visaton 10 "speakers.
A three-way DSP crossover and three amplifiers are mounted on the back of the plexiglass plate.

Here is a dipole line array.
This is made for larger premises.
The range of sound from this is great.
A DSP filter with 300 Hz crossover frequency is used here.
This layout is made for a big barn party.

This is SEAS / Visaton dipole.
DSP and amplifiers are mounted at the bottom.

An absolutely amazing speaker, Visaton B200.
With DSP calibrated with a measuring microphone, this sounds great !!!
DSP is ADAU1446.

Rack with amplifiers and DSPs for the line array and B200 system.

I calibrate the DSPs.

Testing the big speaker system before the barn party.
The result is very good.

Here we see the linearray from the back.

Super Hi power bass / mid-range horn.

This is one of my most successful horns.
It consists of a 10 "speaker in a 2 liter pressure chamber.
The frequency response is 150 Hz - 700 Hz.
In this area, the efficiency is 42%! ! ! !
Have you heard of something better?
At 200 watts, the sound pressure is enormous.


Restoration of a JBL075

Here is the finished 075

Here is the finished 075

The parts are ready for assembly.

The parts before restoration.


I clean in the basement, where I found these Vitavox S3 horns.
These sound extremely good and they also play extremely loudly.