I've decided to design and build a microphone amplifier.
It will replace a Soundcraft mixer and a studio compressor that I now
use my amateur radio station .
It will have 48 volt phantom power for condenser microphone and
it should have a compressor and equalizer.
Here is a description of the project.

I'm starting to find some mechanics, connectors, microphone transformer, compressor tubes, and measuring device.
I will use an EBF80 as compressor. The measuring instrument is 58 years old, but is completely new. It is in original box.

These instruments were sent to LA7W, Ragnar Qviller 17 February 1953.
Now 58 years later, they are unpacked and used by me in my new microphone amplifier.

Here's my junk-box, section for 9 pin tube sockets.
Now I have to choose tube sockets suitable for a high-end micamp.

Here are some of my potentiometers. I think I can find something here.

This is a building technique that I have used on some projects before.

Input is balanced and uses an XLR female connector. This is on the left side.
The output is also balanced and uses an XLR male connector. On the right side.
An unbalanced phono connector is also fitted.

The “REG” signal is the feedback signal in the automatic gain adjustment loop.
This is not right. I shall redesign this part.