I have designed a new 2 tube tranceiver.
I think the way it is made is innovative.
Both tubes are used in both receiver and transmitter.
The sensitivity of the receiver is 5uV.
Power output on the transmitter is 1-2 Watts.

This is something you can make yourself.
It is very fun and easy to use.
Only one setting. Volume.
The frequency is exactly correct both on the
transmitter and receiver with the help of a crystal.

Photo taken during the first test of the radio.
Communication over 200 km to LA5MT. RST report - 549 both ways.

I have packed everything into a super small box.
Those who want to build one should use a larger box.

Here we see the electrical drawing for the radio.

The EK90 works as a crystal oscillator.
Anode circuit has a resonant circuit for maximum signal output.
EL90 works as a power amplifier with a resonant circuit in the anode.
The antenna signal is taken from this circuit.

The EK90 functions as a crystal oscillator with a 600 Hz frequency offset.
It is also a mixer that extracts the sound of the incoming signal.
EL90 functions as an audio power amplifier with an audio transformer for output audio.

The Rx volume control is a potentiometer that
is connected directly to the input signal.
To get a higher Q value on the input filter,
the volume control can be connected in the EK90 Rx anode circuit.

EL90 has two voltages in screen grid.
A low for Rx and a high for Tx.

The sidetone oscillator is made of a relay.

Here is the prototype.

It gave 2 watts of output in the transmitter.
The final version in a tin can produced only 1 watt.
Not as easy to optimize everything when the space is very small.

The sensitivity of the receiver is 5uV for good signals.
In practice this is good.

I hope more people will try to build such a transceiver.
Watch my video and write a comment there about your projects.