I've designed a new way to produce a J-POLE antenna.
Use Eidolon's ingenious element holders.
Uses also a special 1/4 wavelength balun inside the tube.
Very easy and cheap to make.
The measurement results are uniformly excellent.


Number Description Eidolon # Price NOK
1 Al. Tube 10mm, 2000mm 50705 38
1 Al. Tube 10mm, 1000mm 50704 19
1 Al. Tube 20x20mm, 1000mm 50763 33
1 UHF Connector SO239 51502 13
2 Elementholder 51300 28
0.5m RG58 Cable    
      = 131

Calibration of the two elements.

Close up of the two element holders.
I find here the ultimate connection point.

Close up of two ingenious element holders from Eidolon Norway.
These make it very easy to design a J-POLE antenna.

The connection to the antenna is balanced.
A quarter wave balun is inside the square tube.
A SO239 connector (A) is mounted on the tube.
A RG58 cable located inside the pipe and exits through the plastic on top (B).
The cable is made ??with waterproof plastic cover (C).
A very effective and easy way to make a balun on.