Mullard 5-10 amplifier, EL84.

I have created this audio amplifier for use as audio monitor for my HF radios.
Received this Chassis assembled with transformer, condenser tubes socets.
A SK radio amateur had started on a project amplifier.
Found out that I would use designed from Mullard on this amplifier.

Phono input connector and volume control.

Power input and speaker output.

The underside of the amplifier.

EF86, ECC82, 2x EL84, EZ80

This amplifier is designed based on the Mullard 5-10 amplifier.
I have made some adjustments on the shematic.
I overtokk this amplifier half finished. There were components to
indicate that the previous owner had planned to make an audio amplifier.
All the major components and the power section was mounted.
I soldered up the rest even after drawings from Mullard.
I do not know the specifications of the audio transformer.

20 Hz - 20 kHz : -1dB