High End audio Amplifier with extreme few components.


This is a 200 Watt monoblock with maybe a minimum number of components ever.
Have you seen a high end amplifier with fewer components, you must send me an email.

I designed this amplifier in 1997.
It consists only of a OPAMP and MOSFET transistors.

This is the whole amplifier.
Power supply and amplifier.
The Opamp is to the right.

Input and output connectors.

E88CC Tube Buffer

This is my tube buffer. This buffer generates “tube sound” in my non tube amplifiers.
I use an E88CC tube here with a low impedance NE5532 output stage.
The feedback loop can be turned on and off with the switch.

I clean in the basement and found some of my old amplifiers from the 90's.

This is my first amplifier built on this principle.
I needed a lot of amplifiers for large PA systems.
It is quite primitive team. MDF and copper plates.
It gives out about 200 watts.

This is the whole electronics. Only a NE5532 opamp and mosfet transistors.