15W.S.E.a - 15W.S.E.b


1 NC
2 - 100 Volt RX power,RX bias
3 power relay output, 2.4V
4 + 100 Volt RX power, xx mA
5 + 350 Volt TX power, 200 mA
6 + 4.8 Volt TX heater, 1.7 A
7 + XX Volt, Key relay
8 + 2.4 Volt, RX heater, 0.6 A
9 GND, -2.4V, -4.8V, -350V

I have after my visit in friedrichshafen started the restoration of some of my 15WSEa.
The aim is that they should be 100% operational in CW and AM.

HD 3a.jpg

Here are all IF boxes mine ready for calibration.

IF stage is mounted in a fantastic nice box.
The shield is very good. Also between stages internally.

Here we see voltage contacts I use during calibration ..
5 is + 2.4V,
31 and 52 are + 100V.
77 on the back side, I have connected -3V
42 is 750 kHz input connector from signal generator.

Look at the wonderful shielded rooms in the IF stage.

Under the cover on the bottom side is the IF fitted with resistors and capacitors in a very nice way.

An absolutely stunning IF curve. Noise floor of 90 dB coming from test leads and not IF stage.
Think 15WSEa is a very good receiver when I see this curve.

My active measurement probe. I use a broken radio tube for connection to the probe.